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For Mental Illness Awareness Week, discover our new microsite, Depression and the Pandemic: A Deep Dive. It explores the connection between COVID-19 and depression. Visit it here on Oct 4!

Check out Workplace Learning Solutions to help support you with training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join the Heartbeat Webinar Series for this month’s topic — Continuing the Conversation: Returning to Work in a World With COVID, Wednesday, Oct 21, 11:00 am EDT. Also available to view anytime beginning on Oct 22.


Preparing for Peace of Mind

End-of-life planning such as making funeral arrangements and writing a will can be emotionally difficult. However, it’s important to make sure your family knows your wishes. Having tough conversations now can help all of you have peace of mind for the future.



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Estate Planning Tips

Planning your estate can protect you and help your loved ones deal with the unexpected, and relieve some stress during a difficult time.

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Important Documents and Personal Assets Form

Keeping an inventory of all your documents and assets will help you and your loved ones save time and worry in case of emergencies.

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People Leader’s Corner

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Managing an Employee Who Has Lost a Loved One

Managing an employee after a loss can be difficult. It’s important to be sensitive to the mourner’s needs while also supporting them.

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Finding Peace of Mind in End of Life Planning

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