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Balance July 2018
Keep calm and work on
You’re facing a tough week at work. You have tight deadlines, your workload is massive, a co-worker is getting on your nerves and your boss has just asked you to make a big presentation to senior management – tomorrow!
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Say good-bye to stress this summer

Let your EFAP help you better manage stress this summer – and beyond. Try the Stress Coach Connects online program to identify your triggers and create an action plan for change so you can say good-bye to stress!

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Steps to keep your exercise routine on track
Though an active lifestyle is essential to good physical and mental health, many of us find it hard to fit regular exercise into our hectic schedules. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.
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Take control of your career

Career Counselling is available through your EFAP and it connects you, confidentially, with career counsellors who use a variety of career management tools, resources, approaches, and support to help you find focus, and improve job satisfaction and performance.

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Your EFAP program may not include all services described in this newsletter, please refer to your benefit material for more information.

Book an appointment with a speech-language pathologist

Does your child have problems with speaking, stammering or speech? Our Speech-language therapists help children improve their communication skills with a step-by-step approach that sets them up for success.

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Children's Support Solutions is fee-for-service. Fees may be covered by extended health care benefits and/or government assistance.
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