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Morneau Shepell
Morneau Shepell
Invest in your mental health  
It’s true! Taking care of your mental health will greatly improve your overall health. May 7th to 13th is Mental Health Week, and we want to help you better care for your mind. Let us help you develop resilience, stress management techniques, and much more.
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It's all in your mind: achieving good mental health

It's on everyone's mind, in one form or another. While maintaining good mental health is just as important as maintaining good physical health, many of us don't devote as much attention and care to our psychological well-being as we do to our physical well-being. Why is that?

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Tools for stress reduction and resiliency

Smartphones, digital pedometers, and a multitude of applications (apps) that can help bust through stress, build resiliency, and keep us mentally healthy are readily available. Which ones rise to the top? 

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Cyber dependence and addiction in youth

In the digital age, cyber addiction and its consequences are an issue at the heart of our society. A recent study shows that about 1.5 to 2% of the population suffers from cyber addiction.

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For you this season
New mental health microsite is now live!

This year, Mental Health Week runs from May 7 – 13. To raise awareness, we’ve launched a new microsite: Mental health across generations. Be sure to visit workhealthlife.com to learn more!

Microsite now live
Find what your family needs this summer

Your kids are still in school, but not for long – summer break is just around the corner! Let your EFAP do the research for you on everything from summer camps to day care to special needs programs and more.

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Our professionals can help your child reach their potential

Children’s Support Solutions offers a wide range of professional health and learning services for children with differences and their families. Our inter-professional therapy team provides services that address speech-language, behaviour, psychological-emotional, learning and motor skills to help children reach their full potential.

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